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As an independent, non-profit, self-published publication, we rely on the support of our readers. Please consider supporting Fireflies by becoming a Patron of our next issue.

Our independence is of the greatest importance to us since it allows us to dedicate each issue to films that we and our contributors are genuinely passionate about without compromising on our mission and philosophy. We feel this is our strength and also a large part of why our project has been met with such heartening, wide-spread enthusiasm. We could not have made it this far without the support of our readers.

Of course, idealism doesn’t come without sacrifices, but these should not be extended to our contributors. Our own work on the magazine is fully voluntary and we consider it a privilege to labour on a project we believe in so strongly. But we also firmly believe that writers and artists deserve to be paid for their work and have always offered payment to those who join us each issue, devoting their time and talent to making Fireflies a reality.

Patrons receive three copies of the edition they support – either all posted to one address or separately to friends/family with a personalised thank-you letter in each.

As a Patron you will also have your name (or that of your business/organisation) printed inside the magazine, as well as the knowledge that you’re helping us pay our contributors and expand the possibilities of arts criticism in bold and exciting ways.

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